The management and staff at The Pines Motel and Cottages are excited to welcome everyone back this summer.

To make travel to PEI smoother consider applying for a PEI Pass. It verifies that traveller is fully or partially vaccinated and no self isolation required.

All staff at The Pines Motel have received at least one dose of vaccine.

At least one dose of vaccination will be required to travel to PEI and you will be given a rapid test at point of entry. 

Effective July 18th, fully vaccinated Travellers from outside of the Atlantic Provinces will be permitted entry without self isolation, travellers with one dose of vaccination will have to self isolate for 8 days. Self declaration and self isolation plan for non vaccinated travellers.

Starting September 12 (estimate)
   ⁃    For visitors from Canadian provinces and Territories, Pre-travel approval through travel streams will no longer be required 
   ⁃    For unvaccinated and/or partially-vaccinated travellers, some isolation and testing measures may still be recommended
   ⁃    International travel dependent on Federal measures
   ⁃    No longer screening at PEI borders

For all travel details please visit the PEI Opening Plan :